Artist or Creative Lead

Tyler Hamilton


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Exhibit Name


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Photographer or designer

Emily Hunt, designer


Exhibit dates: November 1-29, 2016
Exhibit question: When striving through tantrums and struggles, we lose hope, we fail to forgive. Will we celebrate and see the beauty?
Creative lead: Tyler Hamilton

Artist statement: When I’m stressed or anxious, I tend to crack my knuckles. Some people bite their nails, some pace back and forth, others go for a drive; but I always crack my knuckles. I’ve done so ever since elementary school whether I was taking a spelling test or waiting to play basketball game. It’s a coping mechanism to get me going on a new activity or a change of pace. In this installation, the viewer is encouraged to crack my knuckles, breaking the finger away from the panel. This act symbolizes overcoming mental obstacles that hold us back. In several of the pieces, the materials are disassociated from their intended purpose. The construction adhesive is used for its texture and aesthetic rather than for gluing and making connection. The plaster, typically used for architectural details, is used for cast body part replicas. The asphalt patch isn’t used to fill potholes, it forms obstacles used to created paths through the installation. The hands and fingers are placed in specific scenarios that show their strength. Whether the hand is spread wide open to span a void or many fingers are used to support a steel door. The body parts represent the strength that people have inside of them to overcome unforeseen obstacles and grasp opportunities.

Exhibit Start Date



White Box Gallery


ArtStreet, IACT