The Writers’ Room

Lecturer and course creator: Christopher Burnside

The Writers' Room is an audio drama podcast series written, casted, directed, and produced in an innovative undergraduate English course at the University of Dayton offered for the first time in the fall 2016 semester. The idea was born from the collaborative work of Dayton Writers Movement, a local production company that created the Unwritten audio drama podcast.

The goal of the course is to foster collaborative writing and experiential learning. The Writers' Room isn't just a writing class; it encompasses all aspects of the production. Nearly everything that goes into the show is student-driven and student-run with guidance and support from faculty. Working together, the students create something bigger than the sum of its parts — an entirely new Writers' Room show every semester.

The final product of the course is given to the entire world, to be enjoyed by listeners for years to come.


Browse The Writers’ Room Collections:

Season 1: The Crossroads

Season 2: Off the Record

Season 3: Standards of Behavior