Volume 1 (1989)

Editor's note

This volume is the result of many years of work by members of the Basic Course Committee of the Speech Communication Association. Individually, there are too many people to thank, but I would like to recognize the efforts and support of two people: Norm Watson, the former chair of the Basic Course Committee, who supported my efforts to secure a publisher and proceed with developing this outlet dedicated to the research and scholarship of individuals concerned with the basic course in speech communication; and Malcolm Fox, editor for Academic Library, for having enough confidence in our work to publish this and future annuals reporting research in the basic communication course.

Front Matter


Editor's Page
Lawrence W. Hugenberg



Teaching Basic Courses: Problems and Solutions
Richard L. Weaver II and Howard W. Cotrell

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Lawrence W. Hugenberg
Associate Editor
Samuel P. Wallace
Manuscript Reviewers
Ricahrd H. Arthur
Kathleen M. German
Kathleen M. Kougl
Alfred W. Owens, II
William J. Seiler
Douglas M. Trank
Beth M. Waggenspack
Dondald D. Yoder

ISBN: 978-0-89641-193-7

Note: The title of the first issue was mistakenly set with two words transposed on the front cover. Though it says "Basic Course Communication Annual" on the front cover, the correct title is "Basic Communication Course Annual."