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Now 16 years old, the Basic Communication Course Annual continues to hold a unique and instrumental status among peer communication journals. Notably, the Annual is the only national communication journal devoted to research and scholarship pertaining to the basic communication course. What started as an infant in 1988 has grown into a bright young-adult with an admirable sense of self.

The success of the Annual is entirely attributable to the community of scholars who have supported the journal over the years. All of us should be thankful for the leadership provided by the previous editors: Deanna Sellnow, Craig Newburger, and especially Larry Hugenberg.

One hallmark of the Annual has always been the professionalism and generosity of the editorial board, and that tradition certainly continues with the most recent iteration. Most importantly, the continued vitality of this journal is indebted to the long list of scholars who have used the Annual as the outlet for their scholarly efforts.