Two studies were conducted to assess the frequency and types of presentations students encounter across the curriculum and whether these presentations parallel those they will encounter in their chosen career. The first study was a content analysis of sixty portfolios (containing a total number of 1360 courses) to find evidence of presentation assignments across the curriculum. Results indicate students encounter one or two classroom-presentation learning experiences per year during their time at the university, and most of these presentations were group and informative oriented. The second study was a survey of faculty to assess the types of presentations required in discipline-related jobs as well as the faculty member's level of presentation skills training.

These two studies revealed that the students are receiving appropriate presentation skill training for their potential jobs, but average approximately only one presentation a year throughout their time at the university. Additionally, although many faculty feel prepared to help students with presentation skills, most of them have not received adequate training. Implications and recommendations for Communication departments and Speech Centers are provided.