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Recent reforms in higher education recognize the centrality of communication in general education programs (e.g., Association of American Colleges and Universities, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, LEAP, Common Core State Standards). As oral communication knowledge and skills are becoming recognized as integral to general education programs across the country, many basic course directors are finding themselves in the position of offering multiple sections of the course taught by multiple instructors. Additionally, basic course directors find themselves with the responsibility of providing clear measures of what they do and how well they do it. Because oral communication assessment is key to remaining integral to general education (Allen, 2002), basic course directors must provide instructor training on how to fairly and consistently evaluate student performances. But before this training can take place, basic course directors need to have an evaluation system in place that is fair, consistent, and reflective of actual student performance. There are several challenges to speech evaluation that warrant such a process. This essay will address those challenges and propose a systematic evaluation process that can serve as an impetus to instructor training in this area.



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