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1990 Basic Course Committee Award Winning Papers


Data for this survey were gathered from a national sample of institutions of higher education by means of a questionnaire mailed in November of 1987.

The questionnaire and a cover letter signed by the president of the Association for Communication Administration were sent to all 2-year colleges and all 4-year and graduate institutions which have an affiliation with the Speech Communication Association or the Association for Communication Administration. In each case they were addressed to the executive officer of the relevant communication department and requested data relevant to the 1987-88 academic year.

The instrument used in this survey is a revision of the initial questionnaire used in a 1985 survey of communication departments. We received responses from 421 institutions, an increase from the 373 we received on the earlier survey. These responses were distributed over four types of institutions: 76 from two-year colleges; 101 from four-year colleges without master’s degrees in many fields; 139 from four-year colleges offering master’s degrees in many fields; 139 from four-year colleges offering PhD degrees in many fields. The number of responses in each category are sufficient to allow reasonable comparisons and generalizations from the data.



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