Volume 30 (2018)

Publication of Volume 30 of the Basic Communication Course Annual marks 30 since the journal’s official launch. In those decades, the Annual has featured the best scholarship on topics pertaining to our discipline’s “bread-and-butter” course, “front porch” class, or whatever metaphor you would like to use to characterize the great work that happens here. Although 30 years have elapsed, our scholarship is more important now than ever before; it is mission-critical to our country and our democracy.

As we know, the basic communication course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as communicatively competent citizens prepared to engage in our democracy. The articles presented in Volume 30 encompass a wide range of topics that advance our understanding of basic course pedagogy, practice, and advocacy.

Front Matter


Editor's Page
Joseph P. Mazer



Teaching Talk: An Exploration of the Content and Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
Anna Wright, Brian Rohman, Dakota Horn, Barbara Meyer, and Cheri J. Simonds


Engaging Students in the Basic Course By Asking Big Questions
Bryan Abendschein, Grace Giorgio, Adam D. Roth, and Jennifer Bender


Conceptualizing Positive and Negative Experiences and Responses in the Basic Communication Course
Angela Hosek, Caroline Waldbuesser, Eric Mishne, and Brandi Frisby



Making the Case for the Basic Communication Course in General Education
Kristina Ruiz-Mesa and Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post

Back Matter


Joseph P. Mazer
Editorial assistant
T. Kody Frey
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Lindsey B. Anderson
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