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In 2005, 16 years after the initial publication of the Basic Communication Course Annual, Hunt, Novak, Semlak, and Meyer (2005) conducted the first synthesis of research published in the Basic Communication Course Annual. Since then, the Annual has used a variety of methods to enhance our understanding of the pedagogy, learning, and assessment of the basic course. Thirteen years later, the second synthesis of the Annual adds new research topics to the conversation, evaluates trends in past content, and looks to the future of the Annual to examine the themes that will drive research over the next several years. Researchers carried out a multi-stage method guided by the process advocated by Staton-Spicer and Wulff (1984) to establish thematic categories. Additionally, the researchers found that 66 of 78 (85%) of the articles in the Annual have been driven by theory. The researchers argue that the basic course continues to establish itself as a vital part of the communication discipline and higher education. This analysis calls for further research focusing on diverse student populations, innovative pedagogical methods, and a greater focus on basic course-specific issues.



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