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Combining traditional classroom instruction and online instruction, or hybrid/blended learning, has emerged as a popular option to mitigate rising enrollments and non-traditional student needs while maintaining the known advantages to the face-to-face learning format. We evaluated the effectiveness of a Fundamentals of Communication course (also known as the “hybrid” course) taught in the traditional face-to-face format and in the hybrid/blended learning format, which included the equivalent of one credit taught face-to-face and two credits taught online (graded together as one course).

Students in the blended format had stronger performances in two areas of their speeches (introduction and overall impression), had higher attendance, and had higher engagement for all types of engagement. However, there were no differences between groups in exam grades, overall course performance, or the amount of growth in self-report competence measures. Overall, results indicate that the blended lecture-lab format of the class can be at least as effective as a fully face-to-face version of the course when designed well, and course format can drive student engagement.



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