As members of the Basic Course family, most of us have witnessed the continuing evolution of a more diverse and eclectic student body as highlighted by Ruiz-Mesa and Broeckelman-Post (2021) and appreciate that our students deserve “having and feeling like their own identity has space in the classroom” (Munz & Colvin, 2018, p. 191). We understand, too, that with this challenge comes a real opportunity: to craft a course that provides all students with the skills and confidence needed to share their authentic stories and talents. To truly support all students, honor their lived experiences, and provide a robust educational experience, we need a redesign based upon an expanded model—Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA). Within this framework, we value authenticity (Inclusion), support and celebrate the multiple ways we differ (Diversity), promote equivalent opportunities (Equity), and encourage full participation for all (Access) (CCLC, 2021).



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