In the years since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world of higher education has seen incredible developments in teaching modalities, increased awareness of the socio-political and economic constraints facing many of our students and faculty, and an acute awareness of the rhetorical and material precarity that is facing higher education (Morreale et al., 2022; Ruiz-Mesa, 2022). These precarious conditions have contributed to questions regarding the future of higher education and adaptations needed to serve our diversifying student needs and address the pressing issues facing our world and our campuses. Conversations about well-being in the basic course classroom (Broeckelman-Post et al., 2023), the inclusion of trauma-informed pedagogy (McKenna-Buchanan & Farris, 2023), and the need for maintaining flexibility with technology to increase accessibility (Brazeal, 2022) have all been advocated for as solutions to these contemporary challenges.



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