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Annales de Limnologie - International Journal of Limnology


In this study we documented the instar densities and life cycle of Telmatogeton torrenticola Terry (Chironomidae : Telmatogetoninae) from Kinihapai Stream, Maui, Hawaii. Greatest larval densities of this midge are found on substrates of high velocity, shallow flows of cascades, and splash zones of waterfalls, with lower densities in riffles. In the summer of 1994 we compared the effects of two microhabitats (termed optimal and suboptimal) on inter-instar density and relative abundance. In a second year (1995), we evaluated the effect of long-term reduced stream flow on these variables only in optimal microhabitats. A significant reduction in stream flow from 1994 to 1995 was correlated with a similar reduction in larval densities that precluded larval colonization of suboptimal habitats in 1995, thereby preventing sampling in this microhabitat during that summer. Depth of optimal habitats of 1995 were significantly shallower than both habitats of 1994, with suboptimal habitats of 1994 the deepest. Total larval density was significantly higher in 1994 optimal habitats, while 1994 suboptimal and 1995 optimal habitats were statistically similar. Individual instar densities showed variable differences among habitats and years, with the first three instars always highest in 1994 optimal habitats. All instars and pupae were collected on most sampling dates in both years ; however, pupae were only collected on a two dates in suboptimal habitats of 1994. Based on larval size frequency histograms, T. torrenticola has a multivoltine, asynchronous life cycle, with continuous reproduction, which is variable among microhabitats characterized by different flow velocity and depth, and between years of differing stream discharge. Reduced stream flow during the summer of 1995 had effects of reducing densities and changing life cycle features similar to those found in 1994 (a year of higher stream flow) suboptimal habitats.

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Chironomidae, Telmatogeton torrenticola, tropical, torrenticolous, life cycle, phenology, stream flow