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The Dance of Death: Hans Friedrich Grohs

The Dance of Death: Hans Friedrich Grohs



From a series of brief monographs designed to promote personal meditation based on art.

Hans Friedrich Grohs was an educated painter, appointed to a leading faculty position at Nordische Kunsthochschule in Bremen in 1934. Soon after, however, his art was labeled “degenerate,” and much of it was destroyed. "'Degenerate' was a term the Nazis coined for art they didn’t like,” Roten said. “But, in part because of the people who had bought his art, Grohs was able to hide it, and then after the war bring it back out into the open again, so we have pieces going back to 1913.” Some of his surviving works were donated to the Marian Library by his daughter, Frauken Grohs Collinson. She said her father “stands with all his creativity within the Bible and he looks out upon the world … through his very own window of Biblical faith.”

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The Dance of Death: Hans Friedrich Grohs