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Pastoral Care Teaching: A Case Story Vignette

Pastoral Care Teaching: A Case Story Vignette


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To this point, much of this volume has provided the macro view about teacher education in South Asia~ We have surveyed teacher education programs in Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The volume has explored a number of themes related to teacher education including: active learning, continuous professional development (CPD), outcome-based education (OBE), gender gap, inclusive education, public versus private teacher education, technology-enabled reflective practice, and transformative problem-posing. One of the objectives of our South Asia Education Policy) Research and Practice book series is to capture how macro level themes are situated within South Asian context. Yet, another objective of our book series is to personify the themes at a microlevel. The purpose of this penultimate chapter of this volume is to capture the voice of a practitioner in the region, Ashwathi Muraleedharan. Ashwathi lives in Delhi and has a background in social work and special education. In her case story vignette, she argues for an effective and affective teacher education. Ashwathi employs the metaphor of "pastoral care" to examine and explain how teaching is equal parts engagement, nurturing, and the provocation of guiding learners in meeting challenging learning goals.



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Teaching and Teacher Education: South Asian Perspectives


Palgrave Macmillan


Chapter 15, pp. 339-344.

Pastoral Care Teaching: A Case Story Vignette