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Identity Formation and Dislocation

Identity Formation and Dislocation



Book description from publisher's website: For more than forty years, Chicana author Ana Castillo has produced novels, poems, and critical essays that forge connections between generations; challenge borders around race, gender, and sexuality; and critically engage transnational issues of space, identity, and belonging. Her contributions to Latinx cultural production and to Chicana feminist thought have transcended and contributed to feminist praxis, ethnic literature, and border studies throughout the Americas. Transnational Chicanx Perspectives on Ana Castillo is the first edited collection that focuses on Castillo’s oeuvre, which directly confronts what happens in response to cultural displacement, mixing, and border crossing. Divided into five sections, this collection thinks about Castillo’s poetics, language, and form, as well as thematic issues such as borders, immigration, gender, sexuality, and transnational feminism. From her first political poetry, Otro Canto, published in 1977, to her mainstream novels such as The Mixquiahuala Letters, So Far From God, and The Guardians, this collection aims to unravel how Castillo’s writing impacts people of color around the globe and works in solidarity with other third world feminisms.



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Transnational Chicanx Perspectives on Ana Castillo


University of Pittsburgh Press


Pittsburgh, PA


feminism, Ana Castillo, Latinx literature, Chicanx literature


Creative Writing | Fiction | Nonfiction | Poetry


Editors of the book: Bernadine Hernández, Karen Roybal

Identity Formation and Dislocation