Walk the Talk Case Writing Competition

About the Center

The Center for Integration of Faith and Work was established in 2009 to encourage students to explore the religious and spiritual dimensions of business, concentrating particularly on the ways Catholic and Marianist tradition can influence the ways we work and lead.

The Walk the Talk case writing competition provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in applying ethical principles they've learned in their coursework in the School of Business Administration and in their professional experiences. It also is a source of new conversations for the Center’s annual Walk the Talk luncheons, where students, faculty and business professionals gather, break bread and discuss challenging ethical issues together.

Ethical decisions are more than just about following the rules; often they require balancing conflicting demands. How the decision is made can reveal much about the ethical values of the decision maker.

A good ethical case has a moral dilemma. It rarely involves breaking the law; rather, the decision maker balances the competing needs of different stakeholders, in a way where compromise is difficult to achieve. The decision may often be viewed as taking advantage of one person for the benefit of another, or it may involve not disclosing relevant and material information. The product may create risks if people use the product inappropriately. A good case provides enough background information that a reader need not be familiar with the industry in order to understand the ethical dilemma. A great case creates a lively discussion at the table, where people legitimately disagree on what is best to do.


Prizes will be $500 for first place, $250 each for second and third place. All entries judged acceptable will be archived in eCommons, UD’s institutional repository.