Sol' Down de Stream (voice and piano)


Fay Foster

Publication Information

From Two Songs (1912)

Original Listing

Paul Laurence Dunbar, Parted

Biographical Information

(1886-1960) Fay Foster, from Leavenworth, Kansas, started playing piano at age 3 and by age 12 was the conductor of a quartette choir and played organ. She studied vocal music and piano under William Sherwood at the Sherwood Conservatory of Music in Chicago. Following her study, she was appointed a director of a musical conservatory at Anarga, Illinois, at the age of 19. She also studied piano under Moritz Rosenthal in Vienna and later at the Munich Conservatory. She spent considerable time also in Leipzig, where she was taught technique by Theodore Wiehmeyer, virtuoso under Alfred Reisenauer, and counterpoint, theory, and composition under Salomon Jadassohn. She was a well-known voice developer and coach tutoring numerous opera and concert singers in New York. In 1910, her waltz "Prairie Flowers" won the International Waltz Competition in Berlin. She won first place in the American Composers Competition in 1913.