The Sum


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Publication Information

Published in Lyrics of the Hearthside (1899)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

John Carrington, A Little Dreaming by the Way (January 1899)

Gary Bachlund, The Sum (low voice or medium voice and piano) (January 2009)


A little dreaming by the way,
A little toiling day by day;
A little pain, a little strife,
A little joy, -- and that is life.

A little short-lived summer's morn,
When joy seems all so newly born,
When one day's sky is blue above,
And one bird sings, -- and that is love.

A little sickening of the years,
The tribute of a few hot tears
Two folded hands, the failing breath,
And peace at last, -- and that is death.

Just dreaming, loving, dying so,
The actors in the drama go --
A flitting picture on a wall,
Love, Death, the themes; but is that all?