Riding to Town (voice and piano)

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Paul Laurence Dunbar, Riding to Town

Biographical Information

(1915-1988) Thomas H. Kerr Jr. was a composer, teacher, and pianist. He received 3 degrees from the Eastman School of Music: a Bachelor of Music in Piano and in Theory, and a Master of Music in Theory. He also studied at Howard University where he was appointed chairman of the music department. Kerr began composing music while he was a member of the music faculty at Knoxville College in Tennessee for more than 30 years. Kerr had written more than 60 compositions. He began an opera based on the life of Frederick Douglass but never completed it because he was not able to get his librettist (a professor of journalism at Howard University) to provide him with a libretto. In 1942, he received a Rosenwald Fellowship in Composition and in 1977 he won first prize in the competition sponsored by Composers and Authors of America. He has one large work for organ, a trilogy for voice and piano, several spirituals and other art songs.