The Secret (high voice and piano)


Robert Owens

Publication Information

From Three Songs for a High Voice and Piano op.15 no.3 with German translation

Original Listing

Paul Laurence Dunbar, The Secret

Biographical Information

(1925-2017) Robert Owens was a composer and pianist born in Dennison, Texas. He began composing at the age of 8 and playing publicly at 10, then under the piano instruction of Genevieve Longrus. After a public school education in Berkeley, California, Owens went to Paris, studying piano with Alfred Cortot and Jules Gentil at the École de Musique, where he received the Diplome de Perfection in piano. Although he has had several academic positions in the United States, he has been particularly active through Europe and moved to Munich. Owens' work appears in anthologies of songs of African American composers but has not been widely recorded or performed. Owens is the recipient of a commendation from the National Association of Negro Musicians and the Preisträger International Lifetime Achievement Award from AnDante Kulturmagazin. In 2009, the National Opera Association recognized Owens with the Legacy Award for lifetime achievement in opera.

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