Jes Lak White Fo'ks


"Jes lak white fo'ks" : a one act Negro operetta with additional lyrics by Paul Laurence Dunbar



Pompous Johnsing

Jube Johnson

Elder Snowball

Mandy Johnsing

JuJu, the Cannibal King


Musical Numbers include

We’s a comin’

Spread de News

Colored girl from Vassar

Lovers Lane

Evah niggah is a king

Love Looks not at Estate

Love is King

Spread de News


Pompous Johnsing is holding a church revival service in his home as they sing “We’s a comin”. Pompous brings in a chest of valuables and gold. He sings “Spread de News” and then shares his plan to use at as a dowry for his daughter who recently graduated from Vassar. His daughter Mandy enters and sings “Colored Girl from Vassar” with the chorus. After Pompous fails to convince Jube and onlookers of his royal status with a hand drawn family tree, he sings “Evah Niggah is a king” with the chorus. The chorus number “Love Looks Not at Estate” follows Pompous announcement that Mandy will marry JuJu, the Cannibal King. In reply, Mandy and the chorus sing “Love is King” and after meeting JuJu, Pompous decides that he was wrong. He decides to enjoy his life and “quit acting just like white folks”.