Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back (voice and piano)

Original Listing

Paul Laurence Dunbar, A Negro Love Song

Biographical Information

(1899-1990) When Dawson started studying music he studied at the Tuskegee (Institute) University and was a member of Tuskegee’s band and orchestra. After graduating, Dawson went to Washburn College and studied composition and orchestration with Henry V. Stearns. He also studied counterpoint with Sir Carl Busch. In 1925, he received a Bachelor of Music degree in Theory at the Horner Institute of Fine Arts in Kansas City, Mo. For his Masters, he studied at the American Conservatory of Music, where he studied composition under Adolph Weidig. After graduating, Dawson went back to the Tuskegee University where he organized and headed the School of Music. The Tuskegee Institute awarded Dawson with an Honorary Doctorate of Music. Ithaca college also gave Dawson an Honorary Doctor of Music degree. Lastly, he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Lincoln University.