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Paul Laurence Dunbar, A Plea

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(1876-1951) John Alden Carpenter graduated from Harvard University in 1897, having studied composition with John Knowles Paine. He had a brief period of study with Edward Elgar in Rome in 1906 and lessons in theory with Bernhard Ziehm from 1908 to 1912. Even though he seemed to be a conservative composer influenced by early 20th-century French music, Carpenter incorporated jazz rhythms into his Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (1917) and into his ballets Krazy Kat: A Jazz Pantomime (1922) and Skyscrapers (1926), his best-known work. Carpenter was the recipient of five honorary doctorates. In 1947, he won the gold medal of the National Institute of Arts and Letters.



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