A Warm Day in Winter


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Publication Information

Published in When Malindy Sings (1896)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

Gary Bachlund, A Warm Day in Winter (medium voice and piano) (January 2011)


"Sunshine on de medders,
Greenness on de way;
Dat 's de blessed reason
I sing all de day."
Look hyeah! Whut you axin'?
Whut meks me so merry?
'Spect to see me sighin'
W'en hit 's wa'm in Febawary?

'Long de stake an' rider
Seen a robin set;
W'y, hit 'mence a-thawin',
Groun' is monst'ous wet.
Den you stan' dah wond'rin',
Lookin' skeert an' stary;
I's a right to caper
W'en hit 's wa'm in Febawary.

Missis gone a-drivin',
Mastah gone to shoot;
Ev'ry da'ky lazin
In de sun to boot.
Qua'tah's moughty pleasant,
Hangin' 'roun' my Mary;
Cou'tin' boun' to prospah
W'en hit 's wa'm in Febawary.

Cidah look so pu'ty
Po'in f'om de jug?
Don' you see it's happy?
Hyeah it laffin'--glug?
Now's de time fu' people
Fu' to try an' bury
All dey grief an' sorer,
W'en hit 's wa'm in Febawary.