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Publication Information

Published in Majors and Minors (1895)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin, An African Love Song (voice and piano) (January 1901)

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, An African Love Song (high voice and piano) (January 1897)

Harry G. Bull, An African Love Song (voice and piano) (January 1954)


My heart to thy heart,

My hand to thine;
My lip to thy lips,
Kisses are wine
Brewed for the lover in sunshine and shade;
Let me drink deep, then, my African maid.

Lily to lily,
Rose unto rose;
My love to thy love
Tenderly grows.
Rend not the oak and the ivy in twain,
Nor the swart maid from her swarthier swain.