To the Road!


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Publication Information

Published in Lyrics of Love and Laughter (1903)

Performed by Herbert Woodward Martin

Musical Settings

Leslie Adams, To the Road! (May 2014)


Cool is the wind, for the summer is waning,
Who's for the road?
Sunflecked and soft,
where the dead leaves are raining,
Who's for the road?

Knapsack and alpenstock press hand and shoulder,
Prick of the brier and roll of the boulder;
This be your lot while the seasons grow older;
Who's for the road?
Up and away in the hush of the morning,
Who's for the road?
Vagabonds we, all conventions ascorning,
Who's for the road?

Music of warblers so merrily singing,
Draughts from the rill from the roadside upspringing,
Nectar of grapes from the vines lowly swinging,
Who's for the road?
Now ev'ry house is a hut or a hovel,
Come to the road!
Mankind and moles in the dark love to grovel,
But to the road.

Throw off the loads that are bending you double;
Love is for life, only labor is trouble;
Truce to the town who's best gift is a bubble:
Come to the road!