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Laraine Newman is a writer, a performer, a founding member of the LA-based comedy troupe the Groundlings and an original cast member on Saturday Night Live. She is on the board of San Francisco Sketchfest, an alternative comedy festival that launched in 2001. She has a prolific career in animation voice-over for box office hits including Despicable Me 3; Monsters, Inc.; and The Secret Life of Pets. She has written for Esquire, McSweeney’s, The Believer and Jewish Journal. In 2021, she wrote and narrated an audiobook memoir, May You Live in Interesting Times.

Artist's Note

This last speech of the event was all about the energy of the crowd, and I had already done a portrait of Ms. Newman earlier that I felt was spot on. So I created the most festive rendition I could of the evening. I was also being approached by many who wanted to speak to me, so this was the fastest one I did.


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