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Read about the subjects of the drawings in this gallery in the 2024 workshop program.

Artist's Note

Artist's statement about this piece: We had a few cartoons to choose from, and I kept pushing for this one if only because it had the least number of words and was the quickest read. If anyone wanted to put this on a wall, nobody wants something that requires reading. I honestly didn’t realize how this was going to be used and be such a big deal. If I had known, I would have sought a solution that had no words and was more visually dynamic. I’m sorry it’s just a writer leaning against a wall.

Editor's note: Every person who received this keepsake loved it. Bob need not apologize.


Copyright © 2024, Bob Eckstein. All rights reserved.


University of Dayton, Erma Bombeck, humor writing, writing workshop, original illustration


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