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Brain Injury


Primary objective: To determine whether parents believe schools provided necessary support to their children who sustained traumatic brain injuries.

Research design: Interview, to determine parent perceptions

Methods and procedure: Sixty-six primary caregivers of school-age children who experienced a TBI within the previous 2 years were interviewed regarding what types of special support were needed by and provided for their children during the 3 months immediately following school reentry. They then rated how difficult it was to obtain support or services from the school and how satisfied they were with the support or services.

Main outcomes and results: The majority of participants did not perceive the need for school-based services, even when the injury was severe. Almost all students whose parents perceived a need for an adjusted schedule were granted that accommodation, but few students received school-based counseling or behavioural support.

Conclusions: Results indicated that participants perceived relatively few school-based, particularly given the actual academic, behavioural, and social challenges experienced by children who have sustained a TBI. Schools and hospitals must take steps to ensure appropriate post-head injury support services.

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