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Master of Arts in Psychology




Frank J. DaPolito, Ph.D.


Two experiments were conducted to investigate factors, other than handedness, which might affect the perception and registration of size and curvature in normal dextral subjects. Solid and degraded hemi-circles were presented to the left and right of a fixation point and the subjects were required to match an arc to the appropriate size of circle. In Experiment I, the proportion of correct responses indicated a RVF advantage for all arc sizes. In Experiment II, the same arc sizes were combined with three stimulus types (solid, broken and dotted) under two postmask conditions. Solid arcs produced superior matching performance over broken and dotted arcs. In both the masked and non-masked conditions, again there was a RVF advantage for all stimulus types indicating left hemisphere superiority. Recognition accuracy performance was significantly reduced for all stimulus types, in the masked condition, with visual backward masking. The results were related to differential hemispheric ability and the processes of metacontrol.


Form perception, Brain -- Localization of functions, Cerebral hemispheres

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