Stochastic bilateral filter and stochastic non-local means for high-dimensional images

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: Keigo Hirakawa


We propose stochastic bilateral filter (SBF) and stochastic non-local means (SNLM)--fast image filtering aimed at processing high dimensional images (such as color and hyperspectral images). SBF and SNLM are comprised of an efficient randomized process, where it agrees with conventional bilateral filter (BF) or non-local means (NLM) on average. By Monte-Carlo, we repeat this process a few times with different random instantiations so that they can be averaged to attain the correct BF/NLM output. The computational bottleneck of the SBF is constant with respect to the color dimension, meaning the execution time for hyperspectral images is nearly the same as the grayscale images. For SNLM, it is constant with respect to the window and block sizes but is still dependent on the color dimension. They are considerably faster than the conventional and existing fast'' bilateral filter and "fast'' non-local means implementations."


Image analysis Data processing Mathematical models, Multispectral imaging Data processing, Remote-sensing images, Electrical Engineering, Bilateral Filter, Non-Local Means, Monte Carlo, hyperspectral images

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