Talbot imaging in multi-mode optical fibers with periodic multiple sub-apertures

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M.S. in Electro-Optics


Advisor: Joseph W. Haus


In this thesis the operation of an all-optical, fiber-based, compact, phase-locked multi-fiber laser design is explored using the Talbot self-imaging effect. We use the beam propagation method to simulate diffraction and refraction of light in the Talbot mirror fiber device (TMFD), which is a cylindrically shaped waveguide. The details of the device are described and its optical properties using a close-packed hexagonally-shaped array of apertures placed at regular positions on a triangular lattice are examined in this thesis. We numerically analyze the propagation, diffraction and coupling characteristics of the beam oscillating inside the TMFD. Our simulations identify the optimal length of the large mode area fiber (LMA fiber) to get high fidelity in the self-image. Experiments are performed to validate the simulation results.


Diffraction gratings Simulation methods, Optical wave guides Optical properties Simulation methods, Optical parametric oscillators Optical properties Simulation methods, Optical fibers Design and construction

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