Summer Reading: Successful Practices and Implementation

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M.A. in English


Department of English


Advisor: Bryan Bardine


This research is concerned with the implantation of a summer reading program within a suburban school district. The district at the focus of the research has a history of attempting to implement a summer reading program but doing so unsuccessfully. So as an educator within that district, I wanted to discover the student and parent population's perspective on both reading practices and habits; with these perspectives in mind, my goal is to share with my district what parents and students need or expect from our summer reading program so that support for the program can grow.In order to research the community's perspective on reading, I developed two surveys; one for students and one for the parents of students. The questions posed to these populations gathered information about their personal reading practices and habits but also their expectations when it comes to demonstrating understanding of the text. With these answers, my school district can create a focus and goal for the program that more closely aligns with what our population needs in order to be involved with the program. Without this involvement and excitement from the community in the past, the program has failed. Since, as an educator, I understand the importance of reading, especially during the summer months, my goal was to discover how best to implement a program that will be successful.


Teaching, Summer reading, summer reading program, SRP implementation and practices

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