Impact of Campus Belonging Through Student Organization Membership and Leadership During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership


Department of Educational Administration


Meredith Wronowski


This quantitative study was conducted to examine if student organization involvement predicted campus belonging in students at the University of Dayton. Using the 2018 and 2021 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership instruments, all University of Dayton undergraduate students were invited to participate in the study. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the students who participated in the 2021 survey and that is highlighted throughout this dissertation as an impact to their experience. This study found that students who were involved in just one organization during their time at the University of Dayton did have significant different measures of campus belonging than those who did not have any participation in any student organizations during their time on campus.


Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Student Organization, Leadership, Campus Belonging, COVID-19

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