Microwave Assisted Chemical Etching of β-Ga2O3

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M.S. in Chemistry


Department of Chemistry


Judit Beagle


Beta-gallium oxide (BGO) has gained attention in recent years because of its known ultra-wide bandgap, high breakdown electric field, and appropriate mobility, which makes it a promising semiconductor for high-efficiency device applications. In the fabrication process, etching is a critical step in device completion and performance. BGO is widely known to be difficult to etch, due to the strength of its ionic bonds. This difficulty limits the reagents that can etch BGO, which can lead to surface damage and low-aspect ratio architecture. A better etching technique is needed to increase device performance for this semiconductor material. We prove that BGO can be etched without plasma assistance and without the introduction of HF using microwave Department of Chemistry. Samples were characterized via atomic force microscopy (AFM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS).


Department of Chemistry, Materials Science, Gallium oxide, etching, microwave etching, ionic liquid, BGO

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