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Journal, Teaching, Research, and Media in Kinesiology


Research suggests technology such as health websites may be a viable way to effect lifestyle behavior and promote health. Several websites utilize self-monitoring of physical activity and diet as well as provide health-related education as a method to impact behavior. One such site is the Super Tracker tool on, created by the United States Department of Health. The site was created to encourage healthy diet and physical activity within the US population. Therefore, the aim of this original research was to examine the acceptability and feasibility outcomes of a self-monitoring physical activity intervention delivered by the Super Tracker website among inner city adolescents. A total of 26 students volunteered for this feasibility study. The website incorporates goal setting, self-monitoring of physical and dietary activity. Focus groups were conducted to assess the participants’ perceptions of the intervention and the application performance. Results suggested that the website intervention was feasible and acceptable to adolescents and may be utilized as an integral part in behavioral interventions for this specific population.

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