2022 Imagining Community Symposium


Montgomery County Equity Leadership Institute

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The Montgomery County Equity Leadership Institute (ELI) brought together staff from a self-selected group of Montgomery County school districts to focus on reducing the interconnected problems of inequality and poverty. Mitigating the impact of these entrenched challenges requires interdisciplinary collaboration and relentless commitment to creating and sustaining equitable policies and practices. In education, this includes understanding and addressing the opportunity and disparity gaps in local schools and educational communities. ELI participants grappled with the social complexity and practical issues that make inequality so difficult to reduce and eliminate. For example, the ELI helped participants understand systemic and historical issues that have contributed to today’s disparities as well as develop and implement culturally responsive strategies that eliminate racial gaps in academic achievement. Institute participants were selected by each district and participated in nine months of professional development and collaborative, interdisciplinary learning.

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