The 2023 Learning Teaching Forum — in person on Jan. 4, 2023 — will examine the role of the university in inspiring hope and preparing future leaders who can effectively address the complex demands of our world.

Context for the forum

Amid the ever-shifting social, political and economic issues of our times and the widespread impacts of a global pandemic, institutions of higher education are continuously challenged to reimagine effective ways of preparing students for the highly complex world they will experience post-graduation. Many of our students are facing anxiety, uncertainty and perhaps even defeatism about the “real world” — and as a result, educators increasingly face the need to contextualize and articulate the relevance of their teaching practices.

How can we best support the well-being and success of our students, faculty and staff when levels of disengagement are at an all-time high? How can we best communicate the value of our Marianist education to students experiencing the pressures and challenges of contemporary society? How can we lean into our Marianist charism and institutional learning goals around practical wisdom and community to address some of these questions about the value of a university education? How can we help instill a sense of agency and hope for all learners and educators in our university community?

Presenters may be invited to adapt their presentations for a new Learning Teaching Center publication, slated for launch in May 2023.

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