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The transformation to higher education from the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged instructors, staff, and administrators to adapt to the signs of the times and think broadly about how to continue to help students learn in this changing environment. As the pandemic continues, it is clear that some elements of online learning should be retained – but which elements and how much?

In order to better understand how University of Dayton students are thinking and feeling about their online educational experiences, the Center for Online Learning posted a survey on the homepage of Isidore that was open from Monday, Nov. 29, through Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021. The central research questions of the survey were:

Do students want more online learning options?

Why do students want or not want more online learning options?

What are students’ preferences for online classes?

501 undergraduate students finished the survey at a completion rate of 60%. Responses were evenly distributed across the academic years with slightly more records from First Years (28%) and Sophomores (28%). 54% of respondents identified as women and 40% of respondents identified as men. 76% of respondents identified as white. More detailed demographic breakdowns are included in the Appendix.

With these students’ responses, we can begin to answer the research questions and start the discussion of what changes, if any, UD should make to its online offerings. The survey and this report were prepared by the Center for Online Learning in consultation with Justin Keen, Director of Assessment and Student-Centered Analytics.


This report was included in a presentation "Smoke and Fire: What About Online Learning Will Keep Burning?" by Julianne Morgan and Paul Dagnall at the 2022 Learning Teaching Forum, held Jan. 6, 2022.