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Advances in Marketing: Going Green - Best Marketing Practices for a Global World


One of the most common ways in which Internet users connect and network with each other is through "social media." Social media is the content that is provided and maintained by the user on a website. It is clear that social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming increasingly pervasive in the lives of students, professionals and consumers. A literature review, as well as the results from our survey, reveals that not only have social networks evolved rapidly during the last few years, but so too have consumers’ behaviors. Subsequently, marketing strategies and tactics, and the potential for practitioners to understand and exploit such knowledge, may be influenced by these findings. This research seeks to better understand the current perceptions and use of social media members of Generation Y and to consider the implications for marketing practitioners.

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2010 conference proceedings of the Society for Marketing Advances; all articles peer-reviewed prior to acceptance in proceedings.


Society for Marketing Advances

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social media marketing, generation Y, LinkedIn, Facebook