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We investigate two topics, coarser connected topologies and non-normality points. The motivating question in the first topic is:

Question 0.0.1. When does a space have a coarser connected topology with a nice topological property? We will discuss some results when the property is Hausdorff and prove that if X is a non-compact metric space that has weight at least c, then it has a coarser connected metrizable topology. The second topic is concerned with the following question:

Question 0.0.2. When is a point y ∈ β X\X a non-normality point of β X\X? We will discuss the question in the case that X is a discrete space and then when X is a metric space without isolated points. We show that under certain set-theoretic conditions, if X is a locally compact metric space without isolated points then every y ∈ β X\X a non-normality point of β X\X.

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