Personality and Behavioral Influence on Physician Assistant and Pharmacy Student Perceptions of Interprofessional Education

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Physician Assistant Education


Purpose: Interprofessional collaboration is a cornerstone to physician assistant (PA) and pharmacy practice. This manuscript reports outcomes of PA and pharmacy student cohorts completing an interprofessional team role-play case with a focus on the influence of DISC personality type and Behavioral Attitude Index (BAI) on interprofessional education.

Methods: This study evaluated the effect of PA and pharmacy student perceptions by student DISC personality and BAI profile of health care collaboration prior to and immediately after an interprofessional team role-play case in addition to utilizing the IPEC Competency Self-Assessment Tool.

Results: Forty pharmacy and ninety-five PA students demonstrated an increase in total median IPEC Competency Self-Assessment Tool score (p value TBD) with similar increases separately. Teamwork questions showed improvement after the activity. DISC personality type did not show any significance on the influence of interprofessional student perceptions (p value TBD). BAI analysis of the influence on student perceptions of interprofessional education is forthcoming.

Conclusions: Healthcare professional programs could benefit from the adoption of this interprofessional team role-play activity due to this studies improvement in inter professional student perceptions. Student DISC personality type did not seem to influence the students' perception of interprofessional education components while the BAI profile influence is forthcoming. There was a significant improvement in IPEC Competency Self-Assessment Tool score pertaining to identified among learners that resulted in a forthcoming number of students leaving the activity with a positive outlook toward IPE.


Keywords: Interprofessional education (IPE); Interdisciplinary education (IDE); Personality type; Behavioral profile; Multidisciplinary; Multiprofessional Education (MPE); Objective Structured Clinical Education; Physician assistant; Pharmacist; Attitudes; Role-playing


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