Culturally Responsive Education: Teacher Education Fit for the Times

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Conference Paper

Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2022


Teacher Education


How do we educators collectively engage in critical community building and solidarity work to disrupt traditional systems that perpetuate inequities using our voices to build curriculum to inform and empower students? The pursuit of epistemic justice requires new practices in classrooms and new commitments and practices at the system level if we are to build and sustain communities of hope within teacher education and P-12 schools. As research evolves in culturally responsive education (CRE) to include abolitionist teaching, anti-racist teaching and decolonizing of curriculum, higher education social justice educators have a responsibility to disrupt the status quo of a broken failing education system and collaborate with K-12 educators to unearth and learn new pedagogical strategies in professional learning communities developing a collective, concerted voice to positively impact the best education for all students. A culture of inclusion and equity in education needs a shared set of assumptions and beliefs among educator preparation programs and school districts. It is critical to deepen teachers' understanding and practices of CRE to disrupt existing inequitable social and organizational structures in schools to reinvent and advocate an educational system that supports social justice, creates culturally responsive curriculum, and provides an infrastructure to support a healthy social emotional and sustainable school climate. In response to P-12 school district data on equity within the schools over 200 in-service teachers, participated in professional development to further examine their understanding of CRE practices in the classroom as they set intentional goals to meet their equity needs.


culturally responsive education, equity, abolitionist, anti-racist teaching




Presentation: 11:30 a.m. Friday, April 22, 2022

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