Cooperating Educator’s Perceptions of Roles and Lived Experiences during Field Supervision

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Teacher Education


The motivation for this study comes from previous research findings, efforts to improve my assignment as a field liaison for student teachers, and a commitment to qualitative research that highlight teachers’ voices in research about education.

In prior studies of preservice teachers during the semester-long field internship at University of Dayton (Collaboration with associate professor Jackie Marshall Arnold & Ph.D. graduate student Abbie Morneault), researchers discovered that Cooperating Educators (CEs) are highly valued by student teachers. Student teachers frequently model themselves after their cooperating educators and assign significant value to the role they play in their experiences during student teaching. In response to this finding, we turned in this study to the CEs themselves to understand how CEs conceptualize their role in field experiences for student teachers. An Interview methodology was selected for this qualitative inquiry.

The 16 CEs selected for the study host students from the University of Dayton and Xavier University from Kindergarten – Grade 12. Interviews are in progress.

From this study, we hope to discover how CEs conceptualize their roles and share their lived experiences of praxis with preservice teachers. The second goal is to share this perspective and knowledge of the role with Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs).

Findings from this study may inform communication between EPPs and CEs, foster potential improvements in preparation of CEs for the role during the student teaching semester, and fill a niche in the research of CEs voices of expertise about the role they play in field experiences.


student teaching, cooperating educators, field experiences, role, interviews


Curriculum and Instruction | Education

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