Deidre Danielle Luckett



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Students attend campus visits hoping to gain an understanding of what universities can offer them as students. Universities have shifted their focus to creating visitation experiences where students feel a sense of belonging before they even apply. Due to the growing understanding of the positive influence of representation, many schools are beginning to showcase campus diversity through various multicultural visitation experiences and making stronger efforts to include diverse groups of students (Boyington, 2017). The purpose of this quantitative research study is to examine how students’ decision of college choice is influenced by the racial/ethnic representation present during their college visit at a predominately white institution. A survey was distributed to current undergraduate students of color at the University of Dayton to reflect upon their experiences during their college visit and how the presence of other students of color, faculty, and staff contributed to their decision to attend the University of Dayton and their overall sense of belonging. This study combines the frameworks of college choice with the students’ needs of positive representation and an environment where they feel they belong.

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Graduate Research

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Graham F. Hunter

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Counselor Education


Stander Symposium project, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences

How Representation During a College Visit can Influence a Student of Color’s Decision to Attend a Predominately White Institution