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Twin Towers is a low income community located in East Dayton about 1.5 miles from the University of Dayton’s campus. As there are multiple families facing food insecurity, there are a variety of programs that exist within the community aimed at expanding food access.The purpose of this research was to identify the current assets within the community that provide nutrition education and healthy food access in an attempt to combat the food insecurity prevalent in the Twin Towers neighborhood. The objectives of this community assessment were to recognize community assets that lead to increased engagement and empowerment of those residing in the Twin Towers neighborhood. In order to do this, we conducted a semi-structured interview with two key informants from the community and analyzed secondary sources regarding the two aforementioned topics. Findings include the presence of several community assets that can be expanded upon to improve food security of the Twin Towers neighborhood residents. Such assets include Miracle Makers, Mission of Mary programs, New Hope Church, and several others under the Food Access Resiliency Enterprise. Due to the information gained, we recommend working with the current community organizations to develop an asset based intervention to address issues around food knowledge, food access, and food program participation.

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Course Project

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Diana Cuy Castellanos

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Abbie Hill, Emily Ann McDermott, Kim Alison Steinhebel

Community Dietary Assessments (Assets)