Md. Shahanur Alam



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Custom low power hardware systems for real-time network security and anomaly detection are in high demand, as these would allow for adequate protection in battery-powered network devices, such as edge devices and the internet of the things. This paper presents a memristor based system for real-time intrusion detection, as well as an anomaly detection based on autoencoders. Intrusion detection is performed by training only on a single autoencoder, and the overall detection accuracy of this system is 92.91%, with a malicious packet detection accuracy of 98.89%. The system described in this paper is also capable of using two autoencoders to perform anomaly detection using real-time online learning. Using this system, we show that the system flags anomalous data, but over time the system stops flagging a particular datatype if its presence is abundant. Utilizing memristors in these designs allows us to present extremely low power systems for intrusion and anomaly detection while sacrificing little accuracy.

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Graduate Research

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Tarek M. Taha

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium project, School of Engineering

Unsupervised Real-Time Network Intrusion and Anomaly Detection by Memristor Based Autoencoder