Women Participation in Development Across Bangladesh


Women Participation in Development Across Bangladesh



Anna J. De Cecco, Sophia E. Giles, Rhyan Pearson



Based on the work and data gathered by Counterpart International, a development agency funded by USAID, this presentation examines how women’s participation in development projects in Bangladesh impact gender equality. This is part of a larger program Counterpart International has implemented since 2018, titled, ‘Promoting Advocacy and Rights’ (PAR) in collaboration with local NGOs. Anchored the in Gender/Women in Development (GID/WID) approach, PAR aims to deepen democratic values within civil society to improve public governance. We are specifically interested in understanding if the NGO is taking the necessary steps to include women participants in their meetings and seminars. One of the main goals of Counterpart’s project, through seminars and training events, is to close the gender gap in Bangladeshi communities to create a more inclusive and progressive society. Like many other patriarchal systems, men in Bangladesh are the powerholders in families, and women have to seek and receive permission from the men in the family in order to travel or take part in activities in Bangladesh. Given this context, Counterpart is working to help develop their society in order for women to have a more independent lifestyle. However, their research shows that women have rigorous domestic work schedules as they are in charge of all of the housework. It has been difficult for Counterpart to find inclusive times and locations as well as childcare for women to be involved. Our group aims to determine the methods Counterpart has used to reach out to women in their 6 cities of study and reduce the gender gap to ensure equal participation in their events. This is significant as these events are meant to empower women in order to create positive and lasting impacts.

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Capstone Project

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Simanti Dasgupta

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Decent Work and Economic Growth; Reduced Inequalities

Women Participation in Development Across Bangladesh