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This poster summarizes the results of a series of ongoing experimental investigations into the curing reactions between a novel Phosphorus-Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A (P-DGEBA) flame retardant, Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A (DGEBA) epoxy resin, and aliphatic amine curing agent. Epoxy resins are one of the most widely used thermosetting polymers. Epoxy resin has wide applications in the fields of composites, adhesives, coatings, microelectronic materials, and printed circuit boards, due to its excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation. However, epoxy thermosets can be flammable, which threatens human health and survivability of composite structures that catch fire. The primary motivation for this study was the promising preliminary experimental results obtained recently on a novel organophosphorus flame retardant (P-DGEBA) synthesized by the UD Chemistry Department. This research aims to identify the feasibility of reactive organophosphate compounds that could be integrated into existing curing epoxy (DGEBA) formulations to provide fire-resistant composites with little or no compromise in processing, treatment, and mechanical properties. Consequently, a series of experimental mixing formulations and curing conditions were investigated to provide further insight. Curing conditions were characterized by various physical and thermal properties using Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). Cured samples were also tested using microscale combustion calorimetry (MCC) to investigate the flammability and decomposition characteristics of cured epoxy resins.

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Graduate Research

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Vladimir A. Benin, Donald A. Klosterman, Alexander B. Morgan

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Chemical and Materials Engineering


Stander Symposium project, School of Engineering

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Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Characterization of a Novel Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardant in a Mixed Epoxy Resin System